Capehorn Reclining Sofa OR Reclining Console Loveseat

Sometimes seeing is believing, so stop in and see this reclining sofa, loveseat, and recliner!

Rest assured the Capehorn reclining sofa and reclining console loveseat is every bit as indulgent as it looks. It is designed to put you in the lap of luxury, without breaking the bank. It is generously scaled and wrapped in a wonderfully plush and practical granite-gray upholstery. It sports scooped pillow wrapped armrests and curvaceously cushioned head-neck support for a feel-good flair. Truly-you must come in and have a seat. The comfort is undeniable.

Although the reclining mechanism is manual, the Capehorn reclining console loveseat does plug into a normal power outlet in your home. This is because you can open the lid on the console and find inside two three-prong outlets as well as two USB ports. This is so you can sit comfortably while charging your devices!

(Reclining Sofa and Reclining Console Loveseat together costs $1879.98)

Reclining Sofa

Was: $1659.99 Now: $1199.99

Special: $939.99!

Reclining Console Loveseat

Was: $1659.99 Now: $1199.99

Special: $939.99!


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Capehorn Reclining Sofa OR Reclining Console Loveseat
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Price $939.99

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