LaBelle Twin 5 piece Bedroom

The Twin 5 piece bedroom suite includes: Twin Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Nightstand, and Chest.

This bedroom suite is specifically designed for your little princess! It is solid and elegant with many details and hidden secrets! The dresser features two pull out bars on both sides, where your princess can hang her dresses, belts, doll clothes, etc! The nightstand features a secret velvet lined drawer on the bottom! The nightstand also features a built in extension cord, nestled in the back of the top velvet lined drawer! Simply plug in the nightstand, and you have three outlets for alarm clocks, lamps, chargers, etc! The mirror has cork along the sides for those favorite pictures or drawings! This set is just magical! It is a MUST SEE!

Twin Bed:

Was: $741.99 Now: $339.99


Was: $384.99 Now: $259.99

CLEARANCE: $199.99!


Was: $783.99 Now: $549.99

CLEARANCE: $379.99!


Was: $285.99 Now: $199.99

CLEARANCE: $119.99!


Was: $783.99 Now: $549.99

CLEARANCE: $379.99!

ALSO AVAILABLE, but not included in the 5 piece bedroom price:

Twin Trundle Unit:

Was: $384.99 Now: $259.99

CLEARANCE: $199.99!

Desk with Hutch:

Was: $1125.99 Now: $749.99

CLEARANCE: $499.99!

(Desk Only- Clearance: $299.99)

Lingerie Chest:

Was: $570.99 Now: $399.99

CLEARANCE: $299.99!


LaBelle Twin 5 piece Bedroom
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