Omni Lift Chair

The Omni Power Lift Reclining Chair is a large scale lift chair with a heavy duty recliner and a steel seat box, but comfortable with full chaise seating and padded, plush, rolled arms. It is available in three colors: ink, merlot, and truffle. A simple hand remote allows for easily functionality and provides a USB port on the end to assist with easy charging for your devices while you relax in the chair. The chair features a side magazine pocket, arm covers, and a weight capacity of 450 pounds. The tansformer box is capable of holding two 9 volt batteries to operate the chair in case of a power outage.* A rechargeable lithium battery that is capable of offering full functionality of the chair may be purchased separately for only $119.99!

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If your desired color needs to be ordered, please allow at least 6-12 weeks for it to arrive to our stores.

Overall dimensions: 45"W x 46"H x 42"D. Other dimensions: seat to top of back is about 29"H, space between arms/seat width is 22"W.

*The 9 volt batteries will offer enough energy only to get someone out of the chair if they are sitting in it when a power outage occurs. They will not offer full functionality and must be checked every six months, even if not used.

**The rechargeable lithium battery that may be purchased separately is typically capable of operating the chair for 6-8 hours on a full charge.

***The Omni lift chair material has went through recent changes The old material and colors are shown in the final image but there is no guarantee on the availability of these colors.

Omni Lift Chair
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